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My Photoshoot pictures!


Hi Everyone,

I know I have not posted anything in a while, but I have been very busy.  I am posting some pics from a photoshoot I participated in a couple of months ago.  I hope you like them.


Valentina Perez

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Here I am at Gymboree!  Have I mentioned how much I love this place?  We sing songs, we exercise (mommy moves my legs and arms), we play peek-a-boo, we touch and feel different textures, and so much more!  The 2 pics on top are of me there on Saturday, November 9th and the rest of the pics are of me at class this Wednesday, November 12th.  On Wednesday, I went with my mommy and my Abuelita and my Abuelita took all these great pictures of me.  I really don’t like doing tummy time at all when I’m home with mommy and daddy but for some reason it’s not that bad at all in Gymboree class when I have other babies to stare at or a cool purple tube to hang out in.  My absolute favorite part of Gymboree is the bubbles!  (Hint, hint, Santa Claus!!)

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Valentina in her crib


Okay, so finally this past Saturday, November 8th, my parents built my crib.  Jeesh!  Don’t they realize I’m a big girl already and sick of being in the bassinet?  Anyways, so here I am on Monday night; my first night sleeping in my crib.  It’s so huge and yummy- you could fit 10 little Valentinas in here!  And I have all of my favorite toys to keep me company- my safari animal mobile, my fishy-music-water thingie, my plush baby doll, and several rattles.  And look at my pj’s- aren’t they cool?  They say my name on them.  I kind of gave my parents a tough time this 1st night, but I promise that I will try to be better from now on.  :)

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My 1st Halloween


Here I am lounging on my grandparents bed all dressed up for my 1st Halloween. It’s pretty obvious, right?  I was Minnie Mouse!  I’m so teeny tiny that my mommy bought me this costume- a dog costume- to wear, but it fit just right.  And I looked so adorable in it!  They paraded me all up and down the block so that my grandparents’ neighbors could see me and then I freshened up and went out to Larios in South Miami for dinner with my parents and some of their friends.  There were other babies and kids at Larios also dressed up, but I have to admit… none were as cute as me.  ;-)

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Watching Baby Einstein and discussing politics!


Look at me watching my favorite DVD!

(Thanks Caryn!)

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Valentina preparing for her first bath!


Please join me as I take my first bath!

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Valentina Montage



Here I am with my other Abuelita- she can’t get enough of me!

Valentina and Abuelita


Here I am with my Abuelita- I’m a big thinker.  See how deep in thought I am?

Mis Abuelitos


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